Redefining Investigation

Our platform transforms complex data into actionable insights, focusing on solving cases with speed and cost efficiency, revolutionizing how investigations are conducted and departments are run.

Why Us

Transforming the Investigative Landscape

Improved Accuracy

Enhancing investigative precision for more accurate, reliable, and definitive case resolutions.

Time Accelerated

Streamlining investigations for reducing the effort required and dramatically expedited results.

Cost Effective

Maximizing value for departments and communities efficiently, delivering affordable excellence.

A New Approach

Degrees of Interest vs. Link Charts

Degrees of Interest's patent pending system transcends traditional link charts by harnessing AI-driven analytics, offering deeper insights and streamlined data processing for more effective investigative outcomes.

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Data Storage

Secure, scalable data storage ensuring integrity and accessibility of critical investigative information.


Data Anaylsis

Advanced data analysis tools for insightful, precise, and timely investigative decision-making.


Internet Data Gathering

Efficient internet data gathering, collating extensive online information for comprehensive analysis.



Innovative AI-driven technology, enhancing investigative accuracy and predictive capabilities.

our solutions

Empowering Insights with Next-Gen Technology

Experience unparalleled intelligence with our solutions, offering secure data archiving, sophisticated analytics, comprehensive web data integration, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence for transformative investigation capabilities.

The Solution

Uncover hidden data insights.


Transform your unstructured data into actionable insights with our cutting-edge technology. Organizations often grapple with vast, unstructured data sets during investigations, missing critical outliers that could be key to their analysis. Our solution introduces a revolutionary way to connect and analyze these data points. By visualizing the relationships between different entities, our tool identifies crucial outliers that might go unnoticed in traditional analyses. This technology is not just a tool; it's a game-changer, particularly in high-stakes fields like nuclear threat analysis. Discover the unseen, understand the complex, and make informed decisions with our advanced data analysis solution.

Optimized for Every Agency: Federal to Local

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